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We Are Beautifully Diverse....

There is a reason for that. We accept all people for where they are without judgement or conformity. We won't tear you away from your culture, but we will embrace, accept and take time to understand your culture. All of our employees are culturally diverse and we work together to help you be the best "you" you can be. Because when it comes to being one of our clients, you are not just a number, you are one of our people. To better serve our people, our employees speak English, Zopau, and Burmese for now. We are looking to expand and with it to expand to other languages as well because we Are Beautifully Diverse. 

Mi khempeuh a dingin Counseling Center

ka hi uh hi. Minam khempeuh pan Naupang leh

Khangno te lungsim leh mizia, khan hoih a,

a khanno dingun ka pantah uh hi.

Services offered

We are fully accredited with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, so we serve All people. 

We offer all outpatient services from Individual, Family, Group, and school setting services. 

We are partnered with the best school districts in the Tulsa Area, Jenks and Glenpool to help provided a well rounded approach to Counseling. 

Ka sepna dan uh

Oklahoma kumpi in, lungsim leh cidamna lam toh kisai in mite huh thei ding in,ong cipteh uh ka hi uh hi. Tua ahihman khat leh khat, innkuan leh a huampi in mi toh kimuh theina ka nei uh hi. 

Tulsa kiim ah Jenks sang, Glenpool sang leh Bixby sang ten zong a sang hun sung un sang naupang muh theina ong pia uh hi. 

Gilead Counseling Center Introduces Thangkhan Kham Gualnam M.A. LPC, Founder, Director

Good Morning ZOMI

Hornbill Cable Network Interview

ZOMI National Television (ZNTV)

Make An Appointment

You have a few options..

1. You can simply email us.. 

Tell us the services you need (individual, family, group, school based) and the best times to contact you. We will return your email shortly (during business hours).

2. You can call us at (918) 600-2966

If we don't answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you shortly (during business hours).

1. email ong khak thei ziau hi teh 

Na kisapna ong theisak le teh kong thuzak pah ding uh hi.

2. Phone numbat (918) 600-2966 ah zong nong sam thei hi.

Phone kong dawng kei uh leh thu vaikak ong nusia leh teh kong sam pah ding uh hi. 

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