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Finance & Resources

Payment for services:

We accept Soonercare/Medicaid,

And Private Insurance:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS), Optum, UMR, UHC, 

Medica, Bind, Surest and Health choice

When you have Soonercare/Medicaid, there is no copay. 

​Kimuh man piak dan. 

Soonercare/Medicaid ka saang uh hi.

Medicaid/Soonercare na neih leh nang piak ding bangmah omlo hi.

Soonercare/Medicaid na neih kei leh zong, lampi om thei dandan in kong mu/huh ding uh hi. 

Huhna na kisap bang na ngah ding leh na nuntakna ah gualzo hinkua na neih ding pen ka thupi uh hi. 



If you do not have soonercare or insurance and still need help, 

please call and we can set something up; 

because you are not alone in this 

and we are here to help.

Resources available to all

No one should be without food or resources.

We are here for you.

There is always a list of resources if you call 211.

To know more about resources, go to


Kuamah gilkiala omlouh ding hi. Dotnop, theihbehnop na neih leh GCC ah ong sam un, ahihkei leh 211 ana samin.  

Na theihbeh nopleh ana en in. 

If you are in a state of Emergency and Need help now

Call 988

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

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