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Helping Hands


How can we help?

Here at GCC we do many outreach activities such as:

Speaking events, Trainings, Groups, CE units, Diversity Trainings, Church Events, Parenting Classes, Internship outreach, Substance Abuse Outreach and our recent one TFAM-Therapy For All Movement. 

You can email us for more information.

Some Highlighted Outreaches


TFAM-Therapy For All Movement-Substance Abuse

This is our newest outreach. This came to GCC as a desire from the community to have providers that focus on Diversity and Culture; especially when it comes to addition. Many of the community needs a place where providers understand the culture and the language of those seeking to escape from addition. That is where GCC comes in. We are focused on our client and helping them be the best they can be with respect to culture and diversity. 

But we cannot do this alone, Please consider giving today.


TFAM-Therapy for all movement-Mental Health

Did you know that over 72,000 Oklahomans lost Soonercare/Medicaid in the past year? We did and we noticed that those who do not qualify cannot afford private insurance, it is not provided by their workplaces, or they do not have the documentation to get such services. Here at GCC, we care about each and every one that needs help. We believe that if someone wants to seek services for Mental health, cost should never come in the way. 

But we cannot do this alone, please consider giving today.


Parenting Skills for All Ages

We go to local schools, churches and other venues to help spread the awareness of Mental Health. Our main saying is

"It's Ok to not be ok, but it's not ok to stay that way"

If you would like us to come to your event and speak or to do a training, email below. 

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